Female Imperial Guards (Bartertown Guards)

The female guards wear the same mohawks and shin guards as the male guards. Instead of football pads, they wear JT-brand motocross chest protectors. These roost protectors were very common in the 1980s and appeared in many movies.

The chest protectors were modified with:

  • leather breast cups
  • a chrome motorcycle fender tip on the right shoulder (with some kind of unidentified rigid, ribbed piece in between)
  • a football pad deltoid cap attached to the left shoulder
  • mudflaps/floormats over the buttocks.

Instead of trousers, the female Bartertown guards wear a black triangular high-waist bikini-type bottom, which goes up to the bottom of the front of the chest protector (about waist level). They appear to have a cup protector sewn into in the bikini bottoms.