Five Wives

The 5 wives are also referred to as Immortan Joe’s prime breeders.

They wear a variety of natural-colored, cotton garments. (Do not use white fabric! The fabric might appear light on film in some scenes, but it is not white!)

“If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to provide stains on your fabric, try a coffee wash. I did some test strips this weekend and can add some pics later, but a 5-min to a 1-hour dip in a hot coffee wash with grounds will make the fabric look sandy/slightly soiled really well. Also it smells nice after you rinse and lightly wash it.”

The Five Wives’names are:


Splendid wears a bandeau bra (cotton knit), loincloth (cotton knit), body wrap (cotton voile, bubble gauze or muslin). She is barefoot, pregnant and in her third trimester. She experiences contractions while hiding in the War Rig.


Toast wears a boat neck cutoff top with long sleeves, with strands from behind criss-crossing her back and then tying together in front (cotton knit). Loincloth (cotton knit). She is barefoot.

“George loved Zoë’s short hair, and we thought Toast would have chopped it off to be feisty…” – Lesley Vanderwalt, makeup designer

The Dag

The Dag wears a bandeau bra (cotton knit), loincloth (cotton knit) & tall Doc Marten boots. She is wearing some kind of thin scarf with 2 long ties around her neck, an arm wrap on her left arm, and it appears she has two jawbone ornaments hanging from strings that are braided into her hair.


Cheedo wears a bandeau bra (cotton knit), loincloth (cotton knit). She is barefoot. After meeting the Vuvalini, she is adorned in a colorful chevron-pattern headband, a simple hood, necklace, and vest.


Capable wears a halter bandeau bra (cotton knit), loincloth (cotton knit), and a wrap skirt that has decorative pintucks sewn into it (cotton voile). Dark brown suede gauntlet/wrist-warmer on her right hand. She is wearing primitive, lace-up pointed-toe leather shoes. Later, she wears brown goggles, which are French-made 4602 aviator goggles. They are not inexpensive. After meeting the Vuvalini, Capable receives an ethnic embroidered blanket.

Costume designer Jenny Beavan:
“George [Miller] had seen a film of a ballet in Germany where the dancers were lightly wrapped in fine cloth and liked the image for the Wives. We experimented with wrapping and cloth for gentle protection and I did a lot of work with Jane Law wrapping mannequins. When we did the fittings we had all sorts of ideas made as prototypes but we also wanted the actors input as to how they felt they would have worn their simple cloth. So they were fun fittings and we could give each of them a little bit of individuality.” (source)