We first see Dementus at his camp, wearing a white shroud/cape that is made from part of a parachute.

Armor Harness

Dementus wears an armor harness, made from black molded plastic and straps. The white criss-cross straps appear to be World War II-era cloth belts for bullets. The harness is fastened with military interlocking pistol belt buckles. On his chest, there is a cross type emblem made from an older style computer heatsink.

His parachute cape is attached with wire hooks. The hooks attach to footman loops on his harness.


Dementus wears leather motorcycle trousers that feature a high waist with padding.

On the trousers is a custom metal codpiece made of an assortment of found objects, including a gear.


Dementus wears leather gloves with lots of embellishments attached.

Dementus finds the War Boy

After the red flare (aka “Sky Blood”) blows up, and before he heads to the Citadel to attempt a coup, we can see that Dementus’ cape becomes mostly red in color.

As Dementus ages, his hair and beard become grayer, and he exchanges his armored harness for the Gas Town boss’s hussar vest. He adds a knee brace. The cape stays on using a dedicated cape harness, but the upper portions of the cape appear blackish.