Gayboy Berserkers

Gayboy Berserkers (GB’s) are former police officers, as indicated by their helmets, name tags and even vehicles.

Helmets: Bell Toptex short police helmets. These were used in the 60’s and 70’s. A few more modern versions can be found, but aren’t as accurate. The helmets usually come with a white and black paint scheme, which was changed to silver and flat black for the film. The helmets originally come with a black plastic visor (stitched-together – not molded) mounted onto the front to simulate the look of an officer cap. There are 2 screw-in silver buttons in the corners of the visor and a silver metal band across the top of the visor.

Some GB’s have the visor assembly intact. The Landau GB had a helmet without the metal band, with a black studded strap hanging in between the buttons instead. Many have their visors intact, but attach a chain loosely hanging by the buttons. Tip: to attach chain to the buttons, first attach the ends of the chain to zipper pull tabs (available at fabric shops). That way you can screw the buttons in further and have a more secure and easier attachment.

Sunglasses: Aviator style sunglasses. Some appear to be silver while others may be black. The Landau GB also had side guards strapped to his glasses (“glacier” glasses).

Masks: Leather masks decorated with 3/8″ cone studs. Vented at the nose. Nothing similar available commercially. Contact me for custom-made replica masks.

Jackets: The jackets were originally motorcycle jackets with midline zippers and cafe racer style collars (standing collars). Leather flaps with 2 rows of 10 snaps were attached to the front to create a double-breasted look reminiscent of old New York City police uniforms. Nametags were riveted onto the left chest. A chain loop is always attached under the left arm, held on by the epaulet. For more info, see Special Topics: Jackets.

Belts: Some GB’s wear pyramid-stud punk belts.

Codpieces: Padded leather codpieces often decorated with square studs.

Trousers: Usually black leather or fabric trousers. The moat jump GB in the back wore what looked like army green trousers.

Leg Guards: Unidentified wrap-around black leg guards. Similar to cricket batting pads, except they wrap around the leg and aren’t as bulky and large.