Immortan Joe Mask

General Info

Photos in the Art of Mad Max: Fury Road book support the likelihood that the whole mask was a custom sculpt, painted to resemble bone and metal. According to George Miller, the teeth on the mask are supposed to represent horse teeth.

“The Immortan wears his scrubber and breathing apparatus and that separates him from everyone else who’s breathing that choking air and doesn’t have that luxury.” – Colin Gibson, Production Designer

The Mask / Maw

There are metal areas along the top of the mask, and around the nose. Inside the nose cavity, there is what appears like accordion-like air filter material. There are metal brackets that run along the corners of the jaw. The screws all appear to be actual screws, and not part of the casting.

16 teeth. The spaces on either side of the teeth are filled in with black backing. The top edge of the mask appears to show lining material, perhaps suede, lining the inside of the mask.


Inner Framework

One can see a copper framework behind the jaw, with 2 copper bars running from areas just below the hose connectors. There are also copper nuts that can be seen behind the chin. The mouth of the mask is seen open after Angharad is killed, but it should be noted that only the chin and 8 bottom teeth swing down – the whole jaw doesn’t actually pivot like a real jaw. The copper framework appears to provide the mechanism for the jaw slide. In The Art of Fury Road, there is a hand-drawn diagram of a sliding or swinging mechanism with a trap door.


Two hoses run from connectors on either side of the teeth and into a bladder on his back (each line actually comprises 2 hoses joined). The hoses are said to be Russian gas mask hoses. The hoses running directly from the mask appear to be gray/brown. They connect to black hoses that run to the bladder. The black hoses have larger ribbing on them.


The air bladder is an ochre-colored sack attached behind the Immortan’s head. The bladder inflates and deflates with each breath. Large stitching can be seen, apparently joining the sack to a framework within. The bladder is likely built on a metal base, with metal connectors on either side to accommodate hoses and air filters, and a metal support tab on the bottom rear that attaches to a bolt on the armor (and fastened with a wing nut).


Air Filters

Two air filters come out of the corners of the bladder, and hang over the shoulders. The air filters have not been identified, but similar ones can be found on motorcycles, lawn mowers and some vacuum cleaners. Sometimes the air filters are positioned parallel to each other, sometimes they are at more of a 45 degree angle.

Replica Masks

Here are 3 masks I can recommend

Immortal Props

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  • Best Value at a price range of $95 to $249
  • Great sculpt
  • Mouth opens
  • Featured on Conan O’Brien

Dappled Light Studio

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  • $400
  • Extremely accurate sculpt
  • Chin is separate piece that can be glued or rigged to stay open or closed


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For the cash-strapped cosplayer, this is the most affordable mask, sold for as little as $35. A bladder and wig are also available from the same company.