Original Jackets
Mad Max (MFP)

Jacket worn by Max and the MFP. Bubba Zanetti also has
a jacket made to the same pattern, but it’s made of fabric. The jacket
has large collars and lapels, has waste-adjustment tabs, and only one
visible pocket. Jacket has no epaulets. The seam on the upper back is
scalloped or “V”-shaped. No other seams appear on the back.

Mad Max 2 and 3

Jacket worn by Max in Mad Max 2 and Mad Max beyond Thunderdome.
Jacket has two symetrical diagonal pockets. Jacket has no epaulets. The
seam on the upper back is straight. No other seams appear on the back.

Gayboy BerserkerOriginal screen-used Mad Max 2 jacket

Jacket worn by the silver-helmeted bad cops, also
known as the “Gayboy Berserkers”. This jacket features a European
racing collar with two snaps. The jacket has epaulets, waste-adjustment
tabs, two symetrical diagonal pockets, and a front flap imbedded with 10
pairs of snaps. The brass sleeve zippers are placed in a peculiar place
– outside of the seam. The back of the jacket has expansion seams behind
the shoulders, and one seam on the lower back. Simplified vinyl versions
of this jacket are occasionally available through this website.

How Aussie Jackets Differ

Those familiar with American motorcycle jackets might be
surprised to learn that most Australian jackets do not have the fabric webbing
between the sleeve zippers, but rather a piece of leather sewn to one side.
Also, the zipper tab for the main zipper is actually attached to the left-hand
side, which would make the task of zipping up an Aussie jacket a bit awkward
for most Americans.

Available Jackets

Clothiers LTD




my opinion, this is a more accurate jacket than the MFP Japan jacket
(below). Also, it is half the price! Also made with the more accurate
and comfortable cowhide (as opposed to horsehide).
CONS:For some in the parsimonious Mad
Max community, this may still be too expensive.Also, this jacket was not made to Mad Max 2 (The Roadwarrior) specs,
so it is not as good for that application.

Clothing Branch


PRICE: US$1000

MATERIAL: Horsehide/Cowhide

first Mad Max jacket replica. Perfect for the fan who wants to dress
like Goose, or Max. The Max and Goose jackets are made of horsehide,
so it is especially good for the fan who rides a motorcycle and
wants a durable jacket (many Police motorcycle jackets are made
of horsehide). There is also a Roadwarrior jacket and available
shoulder pad for those who want that look.
CONS:At about US$1000, these jackets are
very expensive. You can get a fully custom-made jacket in the U.S.
or Australia for half the price.The horsehide jackets may be a bit stiff and uncomfortable. The original
Goose jacket was most likely made of cowhide, so horsehide would also
be inaccurate.

The shoulder pad available for the Roadwarrior jacket is inaccurate.


Beach Leather

COUNTRY: USA via Pakistan



PROS:The price is much lower than competitors’, which could be a extra
plus if you don’t plan on wearing it much, or plan to weather and
distress it.

Each jacket is made custom for you.

Pretty much the only choice for the MM2 jacket, and for inexpensive
2-pocket leather trousers to go with your jacket.


You get what you pay for. It’s a decent jacket, but you may
deal with: inconsistency, cheap zippers that break, thin leather,
no attention to detail, poor customer service, having to return your
jacket to Pakistan.The shoulder caps on the MM1 jacket are made of wrinkly leather and
are a common complaint (try to order some from Abbyshot instead!).
The shoulder pad and short sleeve on the MM2 jacket are extremely
poorly executed (order it without pad and with full sleeve and do
it yourself!). To see more tips on ordering a MM2 jacket from this
retailer, read
this thread

Used Australian Jackets

at second-hand shoppes and pawn shoppes

COUNTRY: Australia

PRICE: AU$70 – $200


PROS:The main advantage is the price. In
my opinion, if you don’t have the money to get a fully accurate custom-made
jacket, get one of these. You can find Australian-made jackets with
no epaulets, no collar snaps, with only two pockets and a straight
seam across the upper back. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a jacket
if you’re going to hack the sleeve off, roll it in the dirt, and barely
ever wear it?
CONS:If you don’t live near Melbourne, Australia,
these jackets will be hard to come by. Most of the jackets will have
belts, and have the brand name embossed into the lapel snaps. Belts
can be cut off, and the snaps are easily replaced.

Where to look: I have thoroughly searched
both Sydney and Melbourne for used jackets. I found none in Sydney, but
was able to find 3 great jackets in Melbourne. This leads me to believe
that Max’s jacket is a Melbourne style. The fact that Mad Max was filmed
around Melbourne also seems to support this.

The jackets can be found at trendy second-hand shoppes (don’t waste your
time in the Salvation Army), as well as pawn shoppes like Cash Converters.
Chapel Street is an excellent place to find these shoppes. Also, Elizabeth
Street is lined with many motorcycle shoppes (including Mars Leather), some
of which sell used motorcycle clothing.