Warrior Woman

Note: While her whole outfit may appear white, most of her outfit was actually natural-colored. Try comparing her white shoulder pads and glove with the rest of her outfit.

Football Pads

Warrior Woman wears white football pads (the soft parts of the pads are gray). They appear to be Raider brand (the logos were likely painted over). The style is extremely rare and has never been identified or found. Zetta wore pads exactly like hers.


A natural-colored scarf.


A long, loose-weave (or loose-knit) natural-colored sweater. It is hard to determine whether this was a slightly-modified, off-the-shelf 80’s sweater, or just fabric sewn together in a rudimentary way. Large yarn stitches can be seen on the shoulder seam.

For Halloween, a simple solution could be this sweater.


Natural-colored tights.

Waist Belt

A suede waist belt with front and rear flaps, possibly a tan or taupe color. Laced up on her right side. Decorated with antique nickel rivets.

Glove & Gauntlet

A white laced-up leather gauntlet (also known as a bracer) on her left arm. A white leather gauntlet glove on her right hand. Some have suggested that the gauntlet glove could have been a WWII motorcycle dispatch rider glove.


A suede headband, about 3/4″ wide.

Leg Wraps

White garment leather on lower legs, with string wrapped around to keep it in place.


White Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor hi-top sneakers. Get them here.


A camouflage Phaser compound Bow with the quiver attached to the side of the bow. Here is a similar one.


She wields a knife on a leg holster. It is an Anton Wingen Jr. Othello stag-handle Bowie with an 8″ blade. Here’s a similar one with sheath.