Imperator Furiosa


Looking for younger Furiosa (FAMMS 2024)?

Prosthetic Arm

Furiosa’s arm is cobbled together out of bits. There were at least 3 arms made for the film: a complete prosthetic prop arm for scenes where the arm was not attached, a full metal “hero” wearable arm, and a “stunt” wearable arm made of leather and rubber castings.

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Furiosa wears a natural-colored scoop-neck shirt with an improvised, wrapped appearance. Tiny French sleeve on the right. Left sleeve is longer. A bunched-up, bandage look around the bustline. From close-ups, the shirt appears to be made from a jersey fabric that has a subtle ribbed appearance (jersey is a type of knit fabric commonly used in t-shirts). The jersey fabric is probably a cotton jersey with a raised texture, but it does appear a lot like silk noil.

Due to the similarities of the fabric of the shirt to the clothing worn by the Five Wives, some have speculated that her shirt is a remnant from Furiosa’s days as a breeder. This Entertainment Weekly article supports the story that she started out as a breeder for Immortan Joe, but was found barren.

Others have simply pointed out that as the only female imperator, Furiosa’s skin-toned shirt may have just been a way to blend in better with the other shirtless imperators.


Furiosa wears a dark brown, form-fit layer from the underbust to the hips. Laced in the rear. Possibly leather. Some photos show a layer of fabric showing through at the top.

You can try looking for a girdle, a cincher, or even an underbust corset to replicate this look.

Belts, Harness & Emblem

Furiosa wears 3 assorted brown leather belts on the waist, and has a harness attached, with straps running to the shoulder pad. The base of the harness resembles a Bianchi gun holster.

One more brown leather belt sits on the hips and carries 2 leather pouches, as well as a leather circle hanging from 3/4″ leather straps that has an Immortan Joe emblem attached on the front with 2 small brass bolts. I believe the emblem is 8 cm wide (3.15 inches). The leather circle has assorted fine chains hanging from it. According to concept sketches, the chains are 180 mm long (7 inches).


Furiosa wears leather trousers with seams reminiscent of horse riding pants (equestrian breeches). They were referred to as “slouch trousers” in a Warner Bros promotional blog post [dead link] presumably because of their comfortable, slightly lose fit that made them utilitarian and easy to fight in.

There are a number of slits, bordered with stitching, all over the outer panels of the trousers. Interesting stitch patterns on the seams. Cheap option.


Furiosa wears black modern motorcycle touring boots with Velcro closures. They have been elusive to identify. The left leg has a wide brown leather boot garter on it. The right boot is covered by Furiosa’s zippered trouser leg.

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Shoulder Pad

Furiosa’s pad has what appears to be a plastic plate (it is rumored to be made from an interior plastic panel from a truck’s interior), and a quilted soft padding underneath. The plate appears to have a tiny motor, pull-start handle, and hoses attached (ostensibly to run the prosthetic arm). According to George Miller [dead link] “There’s a small motor on it from a toy airplane, which she uses to pump up the hydraulics should she need extra power.” One person identified this engine as a Thunder Tiger GP-28, slightly modified and cast in resin.

There are also a number of brown leather straps running from the pad to various points on the 3 belts and the prosthesis. Pieces of bicycle inner tube are used in the belts for elasticity. The soft padding appears to be covered in muslin and is likely filled with cotton batting. It has the appearance of vintage sports protective gear.


Furiosa has a buzz-cut hairstyle. For your cosplay, you can cut your hair, use a bald cap stiple-painted with brown paint, or use a short wig like this: Outre Duby Pixie Wig


Furiosa uses an SKS rifle in some scenes. It has a scope and an odd fore-grip. According to the armorer, it’s a “standard SKS. I chopped up a rail and mounted on the top after removing the normal rear sight so I could put a scope with quick mounts on. the wooden thingy is just some plywood with a bit of shape so she could grip it with her mechanical hand.”

Gear Shifter Knife

Human right femur bone with blade
Here is a replica you can buy and paint.