Max: Leg Brace & Knee Pad


Max’s leg brace is based on what is the Aussie equivalent to 1967-1979 US Ford F-series pick-up tailgate hinges. Please don’t confuse the F-series hinges with the 1966-1977 Bronco hinges: they are different! The hinges appear to be attached onto an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) brace with 3 wide-flange pop rivets on each side. The AFO brace is actually on backwards. Two leather straps are attached to the hinges using pop rivets and the AFO brace already has its own strap. If you look at the leg brace straight on, you can see that the inside has been bent to fit the leg.
Tailgate hinges can be found at junkyards (you will need a large Philips screwdriver and a 1/2″ socket wrench to pull them).

For a very detailed look at the legbrace, see Tutorials: How to Make Max’s Leg brace.

Search eBay for Ford tailgate hinges

Knee Pad

Thanks to a chance encounter with Richard Taylor of WETA at San Diego’s Comic-Con (who is working on Mad Max: Fury Road) we were told the knee pad was part of a 1930’s cricket pad.
The knee pad is a separate piece and is NOT connected to the leg brace. It is a ridged pad with a horizontal seam across the middle, and rivets are placed on the outer edge. The other missing top boot strap from Max’s boots was used to secure the pad to the knee.

For more info, see How to Make Max’s Knee Pad