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Mad Max Fury Road War Boy Christmas Stocking

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Immortan Joe’s official Citadel Christmas stockings will make your holiday nights shiny & chrome, and will keep you yelling, “Christmas me, blood bag!” for the rest of the season. This unique Christmas stocking features:

  • Heavy duty 20 oz cotton canvas
  • Leather straps with metal hardware
  • Heavy duty #8 two-way zipper to help accommodate oddly-shaped gifts
  • Military-style snap pocket
  • Silver Fury Road logo
  • Fabric patch offers space for monogram or name of stocking owner
  • 17 inches high x 12 inches wide

Mad Max Fury Road

The fourth film in the Mad Max sequel was released in 2015. The movie centered around Imperator Furiosa & Max as they drive a War Rig across the desert to bring 5 slave wives to safety. In hot pursuit is Immortan Joe & his War Boys. The War Boys were raised to be Immortan Joe’s loyal-to-the-death soldiers. They wear little more than black cargo pants fitted with military pouches, makeshift leather utility belts & combat boots. Their skin is covered in white make-up & scarification designs, including a flaming skull steering wheel logo branded onto their necks.


Weight8 oz
Dimensions14 × 10 in


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