Smegma Crazies

Smegma Crazies (SC’s) appear to be former military personnel. They wear military coveralls, kangaroo hides and masks. The masks are military-issue insulated face masks.

The uniforms that the SC’s wear appear to be British/Australian tanker suits, possibly both World War II vintage as well as post-war.


Part list:

  • US Extreme Cold Weather Mask
  • Olive drab balaclava
  • Tinted goggles (under the mask & balaclava to prevent fogging). Vintage Swiss army goggles fit very nicely through the holes.
  • Khaki/Olive Drab jumpsuit, tanker overalls or uniform
  • Brown/Tan lace-up boots
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Canvas leggings (gaiters, spats) for ankles and wrists (optional)
  • Kangaroo hide poncho (optional)
  • Black or olive mesh fabric criss-crossing across chest. These were likely British sniper veil material. (optional)
  • Ammo pouches (optional). The dead SC that is bitten by the snake is wearing a Swedish Mauser bandoleer.