The Toecutter


Distressed brown oilskin (Driza-bone waxed cotton) motorcycle jacket with hook & loop-adjustable waist and forearm flaps. Fur on upper back and shoulders.


Brown oilskin trousers.


Aplinestars Roger De Coster boots. Metal ID plates removed from the fronts.  There is a knife in his left boot.


Light tan long-sleeve collared button-front shirt. No pockets. Left shoulder seam ripped apart.


Brown British-style “Sam Brown” officer’s belt without shoulder strap. There is a U.S. M1956 ammo pouch and an M1956 first-aid/compass pouch on the rear of his belt, in addition to other pouches. These could have been Australian-made versions.


Black full-face Bell Moto Star helmet with a red snake tongue design over the top, and a glued-on figurine of the Hindu goddess Kali on the front. British-style aviator goggles with black padding and silver frames protect his eyes.


The Toecutter wears a string through his left earlobe. He has some type of laced-up shoulder pads underneath his shirt. He wears a wrist brace on his left hand.

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