How to Make Max’s Gloves

Max’s gloves in the second movie are really beat up and torn. They are NOT the same gloves he had in the first movie.
On Karol’s advice I used a pair of Rothco police search gloves. They can be found pretty readily online or at many surplus stores. They are very thin, good quality leather and a dead ringer for Max’s gloves in the second movie. My only criticism of the Rothco gloves is that the elastic at the bottom is a bit too close to the glove and once you cut it off you’re left with very little room. I think it would be great if there were about another inch or even half inch before the elastic.

Anyway, I got together all of the best screenshots I could find and tried to replicate Max’s gloves down to every last little cut. And I think I got pretty darn close. One detail you may notice is the piece of leather cord holding part of the right glove together. This string will vary depending on which screenshot you look at. Later in the movie, when Max is given the shotgun shells, the loose ends from this cord are cut very close to the knot. This is the version I went with. Earlier in the movie, when he uses the Gyrocaptain’s telescope for example, you’ll see that the ends of cord hanging out of the knot are much longer.

These gloves would normally be dirtier when I wear them but I took these pictures after wearing them at the Anaheim Comic Con all day and some of the dirt had come off.

I did do just a touch of sandpaper weathering to the gloves, but not much. The fullers earth sticks to them pretty well and makes them look weathered enough (even if it is mostly rubbed off in these shots). And much of the weathered quality comes from all of the cutting.
And I left them just a tiny bit less distressed than the movie gloves to account for the wear and tear they’ll get when I wear them. I may put a few strategic hidden stitches here and there to keep them from falling apart beyond where the movie ones are.

I’ll attach a sampling of some of my screenshots of the gloves worn by Mel Gibson, followed by my photos of my replicas.