Lord Humungus

Mask: Aluminum copy of a Cooper HM6 hockey mask, with wire mesh under the holes. The sides of the aluminum copy went farther back in order to cover the ears. The straps are black leather with copper rivets. Velcro was hidden under the straps as a fastener. The original Cooper masks were made in white plastic, and came with elastic straps.

Collar: The collar is a cervical collar covered in inner tube rubber, with 4 springs attached (front, rear and sides). The front and rear springs appear to be attached to sheet metal pieces that conform to the shape of the collar, and that appear be riveted to the collar. The metal pieces also happen to run over what appear to be splits in the collar, suggesting that the metal pieces are joints that help keep the collar together, and that the collar comes apart at these joints into left and right pieces for removal.

Harness: Leather bondage chest harness, running around the torso, as well as straps running around the waist and groin. Scraps of black garment leather are riveted to the harness, particularly on the shoulders and sides.

Shorts: The Humungus seems to be wearing leather hot pants, with the harness running over them. Over those, he also has a flat triangular codpiece. The codpiece is filled with a checker pattern of 3/8″ cone studs. There are pieces of fabric that appear to be tied to the sides of the codpiece.

Bracelets: On the left forearm is a lace-up leather gauntlet checkered with 3/8″ cone studs. On the right wrist is a leather bracelet fastened by straps, also decorated with 3/8″ cone studs.

Footwear: Humungus appears to be wearing combat boots with gray socks.

Weapon: The Lord Humungus wields a Smith & Wesson .44 Model 29 with an 8″ barrel, with a scope attached.

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