Max and the MFP


Black classic motorcycle jackets (known in Australia as Brando style jackets). The jackets have a v-shaped (possibly slightly scalloped) seam across the rear shoulders, adjustment tabs at the bottom sides, no snaps on the collar, no epaulets, no belt, and only one pocket is seen on their right-hand side. All MFP jackets, with the exception of Goose‘s, were made of vinyl. The vinyl had white backing on it, and in high definition, cracks in the vinyl can be seen on the uniforms. For more info, go to Special Topics: Jackets


Black vinyl trousers, cut in a general “jeans” pattern. No above-the-knee seams. There appears to only be one pocket on the trousers and it’s a horizontal pocket on the right-hand side. The style of the pocket is known as a bound pocket. The best deal on custom leather trousers is from South Beach Leather.


The belt on the trousers is a black leather belt with a rectangular centerbar buckle, possibly a garrison belt or similar. The belt is tapered at the end, and some have grooves along the edges.


Black motorcycle boots, also known as engineer boots. The boots were made by Rossiter’s, an Australian boot company. The right boot bears a badge on the outer side. For more info, go to Special Topics: Boots and Tutorials: How to make Max’s boots.


Light-blue Bonds “raglan-cut” cotton T-shirts, which are still popular in Australia today, although the light-blue color appears to have been discontinued sometime in the 1990s. Bond’s name for the light-blue color was ice blue. Raglan-cut cotton T-shirts in solid colors are extremely rare otherwise.

Shoulder Caps

Black oval convex plastic plating. Unidentified origin, but they appear to have been originally white and appear to have stitch holes along the edges of the caps. The caps were painted black and riveted onto the jackets. Most caps are held on by 10 – 12 rivets each.

Get replica caps here.


The MFP wore black motocross/motorcycle gloves. These vintage gloves had foam rubber strips sewn onto the tops. The gloves in the film appear to be made of deerskin. From what I have heard, the MFP gloves were readily available in Australia in the 70’s. Cheap pairs can sometimes be found on eBay.

Name Tags

Silver pin-on name tags. Name tags display the officer’s badge number, as in Max’s “MFP 4073.”


The MFP wear several pins on their left sleeves. Fifi, Max and Goose wear the crosshairs pin. Roop and Charlie wear the rectangular clover pin. Fifi wears an oval “1” pin below his target pin.


The MFP badge is a bronze badge that features a star with wings and the slogan “Maintain Right.” For more info, see Special Topics: Badges


The MFP carry black wooden nightsticks. Nightsticks can be seen hanging from the adjustment tabs on the jackets.


The MFP’s handcuffs have 3 links in their chain, as opposed to 2. They could have been cheap toy novelty handcuffs, or just a less common model. Handcuffs appear to be worn looped around the belt, instead of worn in a case.


Max carries a double-barrel sawed-off shotgun in a black leather drop leg holster on his right leg, and a Smith & Wesson revolver with a 4″ barrel in a black leather holster with a suede shoulder strap with an elastic strap on the back. Roop has a pistol holster on his right hip. See also Shotguns

Airsoft versions are often available for your costume. Here is a 4-inch Smith & Wesson style revolver.


The original Carrera-style aviator sunglasses have still not been identified. An accurate replica is being offered through this Japanese website:

Max Replica Uniform

To find out more about the most accurate Max replica uniform ever made, please see this post by contributor Max Replica.

MFP Merchandise

For various MFP merchandise in Japan, check out this site:

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