Goose’s jacket is identical to the other MFP jackets, with the exception of padding stitched into the shoulders and elbows. It’s a black classic motorcycle jacket (known in Australia as a “Brando” style jacket). The jackets have a v-shaped (possibly slightly scalloped) seam across the rear shoulders, adjustment tabs at the bottom sides, no snaps on the collar, no epaulets, no belt, and only one pocket is seen on their right-hand side. The shoulders have shoulder caps added.

Contrary to rumor, maintains that Goose had the only real leather MFP jacket in the film, most likely because Goose was a motorcycle-riding character and it benefited the safety of the stuntman & Steve Bisley himself. It should be evident that Goose’s uniform is leather after a close inspection and comparison of the texture of the jackets in the film (and the cracks on Max’s vinyl uniform).

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Black leather trousers, cut in a general “jeans” pattern. No above-the-knee seams. It’s not clear how many pockets are on the trousers, if any, but it’s likely they are like the other MFP trousers: with only a bound pocket on the right hip.

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Goose wears 2nd-generation Alpinestar Hi-Point boots (but they have a couple of unusual features). For more info, go to Special Topics: Boots


Light-blue Bonds ”raglan-cut” cotton T-shirts, which are still popular in Australia today, although the light-blue color appears to have been discontinued sometime in the 1990s. Bond’s name for the light-blue color was ice blue. Raglan-cut cotton T-shirts in solid colors are extremely rare otherwise.

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Silver open-face helmet with snap-on flip-up clear face shield visor and black snap-on mouth guard. Probably a Bell Star helmet. The mouth guards are no longer manufactured. When they were, it seems they were sold and branded by different companies, such as Tony D. – Full House, Malcolm Smith, and Pacifico. Replica face guards are occasionally available.

You can still find new plain open-face helmets in silver. But a vintage helmet will probably be smaller and will accommodate the face guard better. Bell now has a vintage line of helmets. Vintage Buco helmets still appear to be available on eBay.

A Goose replica helmet was once available at It looked nice, but it was not 100% accurate.

FullHouse1 FullHouse2 FullHouse3

Forearm Guards

Goose also wears forearm guards, which were originally 1970s Jofa Motocross shin guards. The knee segments were removed, and then the remaining shin segments were painted black. The removed knee segments are likely the same as the ones seen on Goose’s knees in the film. The shin guards were also available from Jofama, Jofa’s leather clothing division (see below). Goose wears a black fabric kidney belt.



The original Carrera-style aviator sunglasses have still not been positively identified, but may have been Sunsport sunglasses. An accurate replica is being offered through this Japanese website:

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Badge, Pins, Nametag

Goose’s badge number is “MFP 2241.” He wears a crosshairs pin on his left shoulder.

See also MFP Badge


The MFP’s handcuffs have 3 links in their chain, as opposed to 2. They could just be cheap toy novelty handcuffs. Handcuffs appear to be worn looped around the belt, instead of worn in a case.


The MFP carry black wooden nightsticks. Nightsticks can be seen hanging from the adjustment tabs on the jackets.

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