The Defenders

Nathan and his female partner wear Cooper lacrosse shoulder pads, cricket batting gloves.

Warrior Woman wears unpainted white football pads, a long off-white sweater, suede headband, suede kidney belt decorated with antique finish rivets, a white laced-up gauntlet, a white gauntlet glove, white tights, white garment leather tied onto lower legs with string, white Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor hi-top sneakers. She wields a knife on a leg holster, and a camouflage Phaser compound Bow, with the quiver attached to the side of the bow.

White Jofa elbow pads can be seen on one defender.

Generally, the Defender’s costumes consist of lacrosse, cricket and hockey gear, and a jumble of various clothing, with colors ranging from white, cream yellow, brown and lavender.

The Mechanic wears a buckle on his belt that is made from a 1950 Buick emblem.

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