The Vuvalini

The Vuvalini, also referred to as the Many Mothers, is the tribe from which Furiosa descends. By the time Furiosa reaches them, there are only a few left.


Valkyrie (Megan Gale)

The youngest member of the Vuvalini & apparently the only one of Furiosa’s peers left. The most notable feature of Valkyrie’s final costume is that she is wearing Max’s belt harness from Mad Max beyond Thunderdome. The characteristic brass buckle was likely removed. Her weapon was a Rossi R92 rifle with a 16″ barrell in .357 in Stainless Steel.

Keeper of the Seeds (Melissa Jaffer)

Antoinette Kellerman

Antoinette Kellerman wears vintage welding goggles. Welsh or Bausch & Lomb.

Melita Jurisic

WWI-era reproduction Swiss motorcycle goggles.


Gillian Jones

Joy Smithers

Christina Koch

V Koch goggles

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