How to Make Max’s Shoulder Pad Pt 6

Attaching the Plate to the Pad


attaching Weave your leather straps through the slits in the plate.
attaching2 Place the plate on top of the padding. Position the rear of the plate where you will want to attach it. Wrap the strap around the padding until it holds the padding snuggly.
attaching3 Turn the pad over and prepare to mark the strap ends for cutting.
attaching4 Mark and cut the excess strap so that the strap ends overlap about 1 inch (2.6cm). You should take the plate off of the padding to do this.
attaching5 With your hole punch and mallet, punch a hole at both ends of the strap. The hole should be centered and about 1/2 inch from the end.
attaching6 Using your rivet punch and mallet, fasten the two ends of the strap together with a small rivet.
attaching7 Pull the padding through the strap loop until the plate is at the correct position. Now you are ready to attach the front of the plate by repeating the above steps.
attaching8attaching9 When finished, your pad should look like this.


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