Max: Jacket & Trousers


Max’s jacket in Mad Max 2 differs from the original Mad Max jacket. It has no waist-adjustment tabs, it has 2 symmetrical pockets, and the horizontal seam across the shoulder is straight. The collar is also noticeably smaller. For more info, see Special Topics: Jackets

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Shoulder pad

A Rawlings football shoulder pad plate is attached to football shoulder pad arch padding by 2 one-inch-wide leather straps which are looped through the slots of the plate. One belt is riveted between the front and rear bottom of the padding, fastened under the arm (this is made out of one of Max’s missing top adjustment boot straps from his MFP boots! Also see knee pad description for the location of the other boot strap!). For more info, see my detailed tutorial: How to Make Max’s Shoulder Pad and How to Make Max’s Shoulder Pad: ADVANCED.


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Name tag

Max’s nametag is riveted in, as opposed to being pinned-on as in Mad Max, and is simply engraved/etched. Surprisingly, a close inspection has revealed that Max’s name tag actually says “P 4073” starting in Mad Max 2, as opposed to “MFP 4073” in Mad Max 1.


Black leather 2-pocket trousers (no back pockets), cut in a general “jeans” pattern. No seams above the knee. Can be ordered from South Beach Leather. Make sure you confirm the details of your order.

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