Fifi McAffee


Fifi McAffee wears a black MFP motorcycle jacket. For more info, go to Special Topics: Jackets

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Fifi McAffee wears black MFP trousers.

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Fifi McAffee wears an MFP black leather belt.

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Fifi McAffee wears MFP boots by Rossiter’s. For more info, go to Special Topics: Boots and Tutorials: How to make Max’s boots.

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Fifi McAffee wears a light blue Bonds T-shirt. An alternative is to acquire a regular light blue t-shirt.

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Shoulder Caps

Fifi McAffee wears black oval shoulder caps. You can by replica caps.


Fifi McAffee wears MFP vintage-style motocross gloves. Fifi’s gloves had a different pattern of foam padding. Sellers on eBay have been known to offer similar gloves.

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Black silk scarf with no fringe.

Name Tags

Fifi McAffee wears a silver pin-on name tag. Name tags display the officer’s badge number, as in Fifi’s “MFP 1805.”

Badges & Pins

Fifi wears the crosshairs pin above an oval “1″ pin on his left sleeve. The MFP badge is a bronze badge that features a star with wings and the slogan “Maintain Right.” For more info, see Special Topics: Badges

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The MFP carry black wooden nightsticks. Nightsticks can be seen hanging from the adjustment tabs on the jackets.


The MFP’s handcuffs have 3 links in their chain, as opposed to 2. They could have been cheap toy novelty handcuffs. Handcuffs appear to be worn looped around the belt, instead of worn in a case.

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The original sunglasses have not been identified, but Fifi wears a pair of very 1970s plastic tortoise-framed squared aviator sunglasses.

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